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My name is Yvonne (Berry) Johnson and I’m from the Michigan area.  I went to Western Michigan University, I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc.  After college, I became a Probation Officer in the Detroit Metro area throughout all of my 20’s.  I was MISERABLE!  I had so many high hopes and dreams for my future…I thought I could “change the world”!  It probably took me all of 6 months in my so called “real job” to realize that I was not changing anything in that court system!  I did everything Dave Ramsey said NOT to do.  I got myself an apartment, new furniture and a new car and had acquired so much debt I NEEDED that paycheck.  I was making just enough money for me to put up with the system but not enough to leave.  I then decided maybe Law School was the way to go, so I began taking my LSAT classes hoping 4 years in Law School would “cure” my current disappointment.  Around that same time, a good friend asked me to look into Network Marketing/Direct Sales.  That decision (thank you Lisa, Lawrence and Robert Dean) literally changed my entire life.

Today…I am a wife, a mom, and a full time, professional, home business owner and loving life!  It took some hard work…but man was it worth it!

I’m now in my 30’s living in Atlanta GA.  I love the beautiful weather and the desire on people’s faces down here…it’s a desire to want more!  My days now are spent helping others just like me achieve many of their goals and dreams they may have given up on years ago.  People ask me all the time…”Do you do this just for the money?”  My answer is “HECK NO!”  The FREEDOM you have when you take back those 12 hours of your day you use to give your job is PRICELESS!

It’s been a crazy ride on this journey called life…I wouldn’t have taken any other route!

Yvonne R. Johnson



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P.S. If you are sick and tired of your situation or just looking for a change, have a strong work ethic, crazy desire and serious about doing something about it you may be who I’m looking to work with.  Call Me Now! 313-525-8180