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I did NOT get here by accident!  I decided to take my dreams off the shelf…dust them off…and go get them!  I have been blessed enough to be mentored under some of the most amazing Network Marketers in the world! At a young age one of the #1 Network Marketers in this industry in the world by the name of Robert Dean, began to teach and train me everything he knew. By the time I was just turning 30 years old, I had built a strong enough team that I could make the decision to leave my job and make Network Marketing my “all the time thing”!!!!

I was soooo excited! I packed up Mona Lisa (my cat) and myself and I moved to Atlanta to work closer with my mentor…to put my path in front of success not behind it.   As we know…Success takes sacrific.  Since then, it definitely has been a lot of work. I’ve had my ups and downs, my good days and my bad days…but in the end, I think about ONE THING…the good and bad days are MINE they are not spent at a place that doesn’t value me and my efforts, they are not spent with me giving, giving and giving with no satisfaction in return….that feeling of working for yourself and creating your own destiny and bringing people with you is PRICELESS!

Today, I am now helping to take a new company to the world. I’m so excited about this opportunity and what it can mean for so many people I come in contact with.  Today I have the opportunity to not only have my freedom, my time and my sanity :-), but I also have the opportunity to put my official stamp on a company that is looking for leaders to help it thrive.   Every day I wake up excited about the adventure ahead of myself and my team.   We are the true PIONEERS…we pave the way for those less prepared and more skeptical to follow later.

To all the PIONEERS out there… Isn’t it YOUR TIME??  Isn’t it about time!!!

Here’s to a Wealthy Journey towards your Goals and Dreams…..

Yvonne R. Johnson



P.S. If you are sick and tired of your situation or just looking for a change, have a strong work ethic, crazy desire and serious about doing something about it you may be who I’m looking to work with.  CALL ME ASAP! 313-525-8180