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Ok…so in this Network Marketing Game there are soooo many similarities in HOW to build your business no matter WHAT COMPANY you have chosen to create your Plan B (or for many of us like myself…your Plan A) from.  One of the main questions I am asked so often is HOW do you build a distribution in Network Marketing.  How do you build that team….How do you distribute your product or service.  Well…the answer is simple:


Whether it’s internet marketing with presentations over the computer, conference calls, webinars etc…or traditional face to face “belly to belly” presentations with a sprinkle of internet, conference calls, webinars etc….either way, it doesn’t matter, they are all presentations!

Now…I do love “internet marketing”, “attraction marketing”, “web 2.0” etc…but if you know me, you know I am SERIOUS about that “belly to belly”, “face to face” world!


Sometimes I feel like I have been in every person’s household in the World (well…maybe the United States) either Virtually or Physically.  Today, I want to talk with you specifically about the PHYSICALLY!

Let’s talk about launching your businesses in the comfort of your own home!

Some call these launch meetings “REC Parties, Experience Parties, PBRs, PERs, TASTINGS, SHOWCASES, LAUNCH PARTIES, TPARTIES”  It doesn’t matter what you call it, they are all IN THE HOME PRESENTATIONS!

In home “Launch Meetings” are the most SIMPLE WAY to build your business!  How much better can it get…you don’t even have to leave your own home!  Just invite like a Wedding or a Super Bowl party and let the information and the product do all the work.  Sit back and relax and enjoy the night!

Ok…so here are some DO’S AND DONT’S for you to take into consideration when setting and hosting your first meeting in your home!


1.  Do NOT Prejudge your list.

“My people aren’t interested.”  “My people won’t come to my house.”

“My people are too busy.”  “My people are happy with what they are doing.”

Let your friends & family make their OWN decisions

2.  Do have your first meeting at your home/JUST PICK A DAY!

•Please do not spend a lot of $ setting up your first In-Home launch at “other” locations.

•Donʼt call everyone looking for the perfect day for your In-Home launch  Just pick a day!  Who ever was supposed to be there will be!

3.  Do NOT over cook or over cater.

•Makes launch appear complicated and expensive

•Smell of food can be distraction

•Light snacks are perfect

4.  Do Eliminate all distractions.

•Please make sure all children are safe in another room and as quiet as possible

•Please keep all animals out of meeting room and as quiet as possible

•Please turn OFF the TV (football game, playoffs etc)

•Please turn ON light Jazz to keep room comfortable (preferably w/no words)

5.  Do start in a timely manner.

•15 minutes late at most

•Try telling your guests 15 minutes early so as to start on time

•Please do NOT wait long periods of time for your guests to

show when you have guests waiting to see presentation.

6.  Do NOT talk about the “No Shows”.

•“I ONLY have 3 people here!”  “John who I REALLY wanted to

come didn’t! These are the ONLY people who came!”  These

statements do NOT make your guests who showed feel good!

•Do not spend time looking for the “no shows”

7. Do pay attention to the presenter and presentation.

•Donʼt sit in the other room, talk on the phone, walk around the house etc..

•Guests do not know who are guests and who are distributors

•Middle of presentation is not the time to be a perfect host (offering water, snacks etc)

8. Do NOT correct the Presenter.

•Guests do not know anyway!

•Speak with presenter after the meeting

•Do not add your “two cents” to the presentation

9. Do NOT do a meeting after the meeting.

•When the presenter has left….send your guests home!

•We do NOT want your guests to associate PAIN with your meeting!

10. Do make sure you properly close out your guests and FOLLOW UP!

•Speak with each guest to find out their interest level

•Do not put them on the spot to make a decision in front of everyone

•Make sure to FOLLOW UP and enroll asap!

Now let’s stop talkin about it and let’s start doin it! If you haven’t had a launch meeting…STOP PROCRASTINATING AND LET’S START RUNNING!

Here’s to a Wealthy Journey to your goals and dreams!

Yvonne R. Johnson





P.S. If you are sick and tired of your situation or just looking for a change, have a strong work ethic, crazy desire and serious about doing something about it you may be who I’m looking to work with.  Call me ASAP 313-525-8180