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Have we forgotten???  8 years from Pre-K to 6th grade…2 years in Middle School from 7th-8th grade…4 years in High School from 9th-Graduation…4 (or for some people like me 5 or more lol) years in college to get your Bachelor’s Degree…2 years for your Masters Degree…and the years go on and on and on as we climb the educational ladder to LEARN more about the profession we HOPE to some day join. We will PRAY that we make enough money at that job (we also pray we get hired for) that we worked so hard for so many years to educate ourselves on, obtain and hope to succeed at to pay back the HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of Dollars invested into the education we needed to obtain it.  All of this takes a great deal of TIME…ENERGY…& MONEY and yet there is STILL no guarantee!  Many College Graduates today are Laid off as we speak, or going back to repeat the above for a “better outcome” because it didn’t work the first time.

So tell me…if this has been our lives for as long as we have known…why is it we believe our BUSINESS should be built in a DAY! One person at a time…One Customer at a time…Rome wasn’t built in a day, your educational debt definitely wasn’t :-)…what makes you think your BUSINESS will be! Instead of quitting on your self so easily, how about learning to appreciate the process!

Here’s to a Wealthy You!

Yvonne R. Johnson



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