PHASE 1: This is the phase you want to always “Live In”!  This is the phase where you are PERSONALLY piquing interest/networking every day, conducting 3-way calls with your upline and downline every day, hosting and presenting Home Business Meetings, Conference Calls, Webinars and trainings all throughout the week, and meeting with people about your business “belly to belly” as often as possible.

PHASE 2: I refer to this phase as the “Management Phase”.  During this phase of your business, you start MANAGING not doing!  You spend your time checking your website all day to see what YOUR TEAM IS DOING instead of getting out and DOING yourself!  You are caught up in calling and checking in on (harassing) your team members to tell them what THEY should be doing that day.  You spend more time “tracking” your team and less time adding to and supporting your team.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 11.49.18 PMPHASE 3: I call this phase “My team sucks” phase.  This is the phase where you start to blame YOUR lack of success on what you think your team is not doing.  “My team just wont listen to me.” “My team isn’t working hard enough.” “My team won’t plug into the system.” Instead of staying in Phase 1…you are focused on making your TEAM stay in phase 1.

PHASE 4: The “Blame your Sponsor” Phase.  When blaming your team isn’t helping…now you resort to blaming your sponsor.  “My sponsor wont listen to me.” “My sponsor isn’t helping me.” “My sponsor won’t place any volume under me.” “My sponsor…My sponsor…My sponsor!”

PHASE 5: The “Phased out Phase”.  When all else fails and you have no one else to blame but yourself!  This is when you QUIT on your business and QUIT on yourself!

In any business you are going to have your ups and your downs.  This is YOUR BUSINESS first!  Don’t you DARE blame any lack of success on your team or your sponsor!  Instead, Step Up and take your business by the horns! Stay in “Phase 1” like you expect your team to, become the sponsor you wish you had and do the things for your team you wish your sponsor had done for you!  Who have you ever met who has Complained or Excused their way to the top?  Stop complaining…Stop making excuses…and GO AFTER YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS!  It can be done, if you simply stay in Phase 1!

Here’s to a Wealthy You!

Yvonne R. Johnson


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