I remember when I first walked away from my full time job as a Probation Officer and wondering if I was making the right decision.  You’re going to have to make some SACRIFICES if you want to have SUCCESS with your business!  You may have to miss a sporting event or your favorite tv show.  You may have to drive across town in the rain or snow for a meeting, and the person you are meeting with may not even show.  You may have to miss a family event or two, you may have to invest some $ you really didn’t have into something you don’t even know for sure is going to work, you may have to miss your kids practices and maybe even a recital or two.

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I clearly remember the day I called and had my cable turned off at my house when I was living in Michigan.  It was one of my biggest distractions and yet one of my biggest pleasures.  I decided to do a 30 day “Mental Fast” suggested by the one and only Empowerment Specialist Jerry “DRhino” Clark (email me and I’ll get you info on the fast!).  It was the beginning of entire lifestyle change for me.  As soon as I began to cleanse all the distractions out of my life by replacing my tv time with reading and self development cd time and becoming more focused on my business, my life and business began to change drastically before my eyes.  Not too long after, I was walking off my job and moving from Michigan to Atlanta to work with one of my business mentors (I highly suggest getting a mentor!) leaving all of my friends, my family, my job and even my house back home.  Was it a hard decision…OF COURSE…was it the RIGHT DECISION…OF COURSE!  “In order to change some things in your life…you will need to change some things in your life!”  I’m not saying you have to make the same sacrifices I have, you just need to know up front that this change in your life WILL come with some sacrifices!

Bottom line is…your FUTURE SUCCESS will clean up all the PRESENT SACRIFICES you’re making in a blink of an eye.  Put the time in today to have your FREEDOM back tomorrow!  Be honest with yourself…what is holding you back?  What sacrifices do you KNOW you need to make that you simply have not been willing to do up to this point in time?  A Sacrifice today will lead to Success tomorrow.  Are you willing to delay the gratification and truly work for what you want? At the end of the day…are you willing to make the sacrifice?

“Do the things today that others won’t do to have the things tomorrow others won’t have.”

Here’s to a Wealthy You!

Yvonne R. Johnson



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