Become a PRODUCT of your PRODUCT! Remember that you are always a WALKING BILLBOARD to your business. Ask yourself if YOUR BOARD would catch YOUR ATTENTION if YOU were driving by!  In this Profession of Network Marketing and Direct Sales, your product is not always what you are SELLING.  Your product is often YOU.  YOU are what people are “joining” YOU are why people choose to click that sign up button.  People want what YOU are offering them.  They are looking for guidance, leadership, vision and a feeling of comfort that if they join YOU they will have the support and strength they are looking for to help them to go full force towards their goals and dreams.  Many times when people don’t join your company, it’s not the company they decided not to join…many times it’s YOU they decided not to join.  This is why in this profession we always talk about Self Development and Leadership Skills.  Working on yourself is really working on your PRODUCT.  The better you become, the better people you attract and the better quality of people who will want to join YOU.  Over the years, I have truly watched this happen in my career.  I remember about 8 years ago always asking my mentor WHEN I was going to find people to work with that were “just like me”.  He continued to try to get me to understand “When YOU get better you will attract better people!”  Today I look back and he was so right.  I had to start investing time and money into ME in order to attract the people I was seeking.  Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.40.44 PM




1. You can never invest too much money in yourself.

2. Always lead from the front! Leading by example will attract those who do the same.

3. Never stop GROWING! No matter how much “Success” you feel you have obtained, always strive to learn more, grow more and become more.


Again, at the end of the day, this profession comes down to YOU becoming a true product of your product.  YOU becoming the best you can truly be so you can attract the best of the best to your business.  That includes not just a physical representation when we talk about “product”, but also a true mental representation as well.  This is an awesome profession…the art of Network Marketing and Direct Sales…but you have to treat it with the respect that this profession deserves.  That starts with YOU!

Here’s to a Wealthy You!

Yvonne R. Johnson


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